the bigger the glasses, the smaller the eyes seem to be.

things have been a little less busy here on the blog lately, but i assure you i am as busy as ever. probably busier. still aiming for a may release for the next album. a whole lot of new songs have come pouring out recently, making for a fairly different album than what i thought i was going to end up with, but i think it’s going to be stronger for it. it’s also shaping up to be possibly the most cynical collection of songs i’ve put together in quite some time, with song titles like “emotional blackmail”, “stupid borderline love song i wrote for someone who didn’t deserve it”, and “she’s someone else’s problem now”. mmm…love.

something i thought was interesting — during the brief period of time when things were going my way in the romance department, i couldn’t write lyrics to save my life. i’ve mentioned before that, while musical ideas are always coming left and right, lyrics are a little more elusive and only appear when they want to. well, when i had a girlfriend (or something resembling a girlfriend) and all seemed to be going swimmingly, the words didn’t want to appear. at all. there was just nothing there. and when i had time to devote to music, i found myself not feeling all that compelled to use it. the drive seemed to be missing. so maybe i need to be a little bit cynical in order for this all to work the way it’s supposed to. or maybe my brief dry spell was more about what happens when you’re with someone who has no understanding of what you do, no desire to understand or be a part of it in any way, and they have a way of almost making you feel guilty for devoting time to something that doesn’t have to do with them. and maybe that guilt chips away at the creative impulses insidiously.

who can say in these troubled times?

whatever the case may be, the words are definitely coming now. just last night i found myself unexpectedly writing something that i think might be one of the better songs on the album, and it started with taking something nasty that was said about me, turning it on its head, and following that thread where it took me. it’s another one of those things where it sounds like a decent amount of craft went into it, but the song more or less wrote itself and it all came together in ten or fifteen minutes tops. it’s always fun when that happens.

this month’s video progress report should be along in a few days.

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