don’t worry about your index finger; it’s in a better place now.

the box of cds at dr. disc is barren once again. it’s madness, i tell you. i’ll have it filled to the brim again just as soon as i’m stocked up on supplies. i’m running a little low on recordable cds at the moment.

i’m very close to booking mackenzie hall for a mid-late june show. i feel the itch, and i know if i don’t scratch it soon it will simply disappear and i will itch no more. it’s not a complete certainty yet, but i will know which way the cookie crumbles within the next few days. if it does happen, i intend to actually promote the show with some amount of gusto, and even make an official facebook event page.

also, after being set on SLIGHTLY REHEARSED for an album title for a while now, i’m not so sure i’m feeling it anymore. i think i might have to change the title to something a bit more reflective of what a cynical collection of music it’s turning into. fortunately, the thing ain’t done yet, so i still have time to waffle over decisions like this.

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