the unholy trinity.

three things to report:

1/ before the week’s end, the box of cds at dr. disc will be full again, stocked up from CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN to the present. still seems like i can’t fill that thing up fast enough, and there ain’t even a new album out there yet. who keeps sharing the love? or taking the free love? or sharing the free love with other people? who be you? whoever you be, i appreciate the continued interest. the next time i fill the box, hopefully it will be with brand new music.

2/ i am playing a live show at mackenzie hall on saturday june 18.

that’s right. you read that correctly. i even made a fancy facebook event for it over HERE. everyone is invited, even if for whatever reason you don’t happen to get an invitation on facebook, and i should have some posters to spread around soon.

here’s the deal — there’s that shores of erie wine festival gig in september, which is far enough away that i don’t have to get nervous about it yet, but still a little bit scary when i think about the fact that i will be performing in front of somewhere upwards of a thousand people. while i’m confident it’ll be a good experience, it’s a little outside of my comfort zone. but hey, so was last year’s show at mackenzie hall, and that went over a lot better than i expected it would.

i haven’t played my own material in a live setting at all since that show last march. that’s 14 months ago now. so i thought it might be an idea to play a show before september, in a more intimate setting, where things can be looser and a little more spontaneous. it’s a way to warm up a little for what’s coming, and to try some things out that i may not be able to do on a big outdoor stage. after waffling a little over where to do it, i realized mackenzie hall was a no-brainer. the only question was whether or not i really wanted to play two live shows of my own in one year. that probably sounds hilarious, because most bands/artists wouldn’t think twice of playing two gigs inside of one week. i obviously operate a little differently.

if i’m completely honest, i could happily not play live again for the rest of my life. making the music and sharing it with whoever wants to hear it is what it’s all about for me, and everything else can fall by the wayside. but i did genuinely enjoy that first show at mackenzie hall. i took a chance, tested myself, and while some things were a little rough around the edges, i didn’t fail. it was a good learning experience. some things worked better than others. i can take some of what i learned from that show and, i think, do a better job the second time around. mix things up a bit more. instead of it being another one-man show, i can have a few friends play some songs with me to flesh things out a bit more. i can take more chances, and just have some fun playing music.

it also just feels like a good way to say thank you to the people who have supported me and the music i make. i knew if i didn’t bite the bullet and book something now, i would end up second-guessing myself until i decided it probably wasn’t such a good idea. i almost did that last time, and i’m glad i ended up going through with it.

so there you go. a live show that will probably end up roughly coinciding with the release of the next album.

3/ that album, speaking of the devil in a purple dress, is coming along nicely, and it now has completely different cover art (thanks to bree) and a new title.

almost all of the songs i originally planned on including have been tossed aside to make room for all the new material that’s been pouring out in the aftermath of romantic stupidity. so there’s basically a whole “lost album” there that i’m sure will see the light of day eventually. this album just decided it wanted to be something else, and most of those other songs no longer feel like they fit in. i might as well start referring to it as a breakup album, but to me it feels nothing at all like IF I HAD A QUARTER or any of the other things i’ve done that fall into that category. there’s an odd wistfulness to some of the material, along with a whole lot of cynicism sharp enough to slice through speaker cones. the first line of the opening track is “there’s no such thing as love”, and the closing track is about writing a horrible love song, ending a relationship, and dying.

in other words, it’s gonna be the feel-good album of the summer! oh yeah!

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