Day: May 17, 2011

There’s a first time for everything, unless you suffer from “second time syndrome”.

I just finished rehearsing with a bassist and a drummer — the first time I’ve played my own music with a rhythm section in nine years.

For a first get-together, I don’t think it could have gone much better. We took one of the songs that will be on the new album, which is normally a languid, dreamy, percussion-free piece, and stretched it out and made it swing. Never has an electrified acoustic twelve-string guitar been more jazzed about life.

I kind of forgot how much fun it can be to play off of other musicians in those things some people call “bands”. Especially when the other people involved are into improvising, listening, and responding to what’s going on around them, so things keep shifting and don’t get too static. Liam and Dan are definitely into that.

Anytime three people who’ve never played together before can fall into a ten-minute funky-jazzy Wurlitzer/bass/drums improvisation that starts out sounding something like an electric-period Miles Davis groove sans-trumpet and randomly segues into a Latin rhythm for a while, well…I think that’s pretty tasty stuff.

I just got a whole lot more amped about the idea of playing live in about a month. I’m also considering the prospect of holding off on the release of the new album until the day of the show, not in an effort to get more people to show up, but more because it may be one of the few opportunities I’ll ever have to play a proper “CD release show”, since live shows and album releases don’t tend to ever line up for me.

Something to stew on, anyway.