Day: June 7, 2011

A hunk of burning love.

I got a proof. The proof looks good. I just need to fix a mistake I made in the booklet, and if all goes according to plan I should have some advance copies of the new CD to share with CJAM and a few special people by Friday.

In the meantime, here are two more out-takes. I ended up having to throw out a few more songs at the last minute before the thing felt like it finally had a good flow to it. There’s a song I posted here a little while back called “Held Is Not Holding” that almost made it but just didn’t feel like it belonged anymore when the dust settled. It’s funny that it wouldn’t make the cut, because it sounds more like a breakup song than some of the actual breakup songs on the album do, even though it was written and recorded pre-breakup.

Optimistic Intro

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It was going to be the first thing on the album — an instrumental segue leading into “I’m Optimistic”, with the two fused together — until I realized the opening track had a lot more punch to it without a wafting instrumental intro.

Sadly Mistaken

One track where the melodica really got a spotlit moment, and now it finds itself sitting on the out-takes heap as well. Felt like one downcast song too many. But I do like that big melodica-driven climax.

Someday there will be another misfits/out-takes album, and all these things will have a place to call home.