if you weren’t there, it looked something like this.

kevin kavanaugh was kind enough to take some pictures on saturday. and by “some”, i mean “many”. it was almost like a collaborative dance, in a way…throughout the night he moved around taking pictures, just outside of the performance space. i rarely noticed he was there, because i was absorbed in singing and playing, but he was capturing all of the action as it unfolded, from beginning to end. as he said, i ended up collaborating with another artist without even realizing it was happening. turns out he’s not just a really nice guy, but he also takes really great pictures. here are some of my favourites. between these and the videos, you should get a good idea of what the atmosphere was like. click on any of  ’em for a lot more detail. and notice how my hair gets progressively messier throughout the performance, until i finally end up looking like the hairy beast i am.

is it just me, or does liam have the best beard ever? it can’t just be me.

for video highlights from the show and relevant ramblings, head over HERE.

also, GIFT FOR A SPIDER is at #1 on the CJAM charts right now. my albums usually tend to make it into the top 10 at some point, but i don’t remember topping the charts in quite some time. thanks to all the CJAM faithful for all the support.

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