what next?

i’m in one of those in-between places right now, where it isn’t exactly clear where i should go from here. there’s no shortage of material to tackle. as is often the case, the problem is trying to figure out what to focus on. normally i would make a list, but most of the things i list tend to find themselves usurped by other things and thrown in a closet somewhere. i could take all of the songs that were going to make up the projected follow-up to MEDIUM-FI MUSIC and craft an album out of those. i could put some serious effort into finally finishing THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE. i could get liam and dan in the “studio” once dan gets back from italy, and see what the three of us come up with when we’re working without any game plan at all. i could record an album of songs i didn’t write myself (though getting all the mechanical rights in place for a covers album would be a bit of a pain in the ass). and at any point in there, a bunch of new material unrelated to any of those things will probably come pouring out and carve itself into some other album.

all of these things could happen, or none of them, or some of them, in any order. i’m not sure where to go right now. part of me is almost tempted to try putting together a shorter album that only has about 10 songs on it, just to see what happens (armageddon to feel like that could be my ticket to the big time…get it? get it? ha!), but realistically there’s only about a 2% chance of that ever happening again with anything that has my name on it.

i guess it’s healthy to have a little break sometimes. not that i’ve stopped writing or recording…both of those things are still happening at a good pace. i’m just limiting the recording to working on songs that already have some clothes on their bones, and taking it a bit slower until i figure out what exactly i want to throw most of my musical brain into next.

oh yeah…that video up there is another happy marriage between music and public domain film content. more chopped up bits of carnival of souls set against music by a guy whose name rhymes with ronny rest. like i said, the sound quality is really quite bad, but there are some pretty arresting visuals there. all the more reason to strip the original soundtrack and add my own. in this case it’s one of my favourite songs slated for inclusion on THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE, called “an avalanche in hell”. perhaps more than anything else i’ve done, it’s a showcase for the arp omni-2 analog synth (right down to the bass, which is also the arp). it was recorded less than a week after the last song i recorded for CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, in july 2008, and is so far away from anything on that album in every way it still makes me arch an eyebrow. the left one, if you must know.

i kind of wish i had waited a few months to record the song, until i had a real acoustic piano, but in this case i think the clavinova acquits itself rather well. you can also hear a very different solo piano take on the song over HERE (it’s the first song in the first video/set). i know i’ve set rough deadlines for this album before and it hasn’t been finished, but i’m going to say right now that one of my goals for the year is to get the damn thing done before 2012 shows its ass to me. it’ll be a christmas present to the three people who might have the stamina to wade through roughly five hours of music. if i do end up pulling it off…i don’t even know. just thinking about the amount of work that’s going to be involved in the post-production process, with copying and printing cds, scares the crap out of me.

one thing at a time, then.

GIFT FOR A SPIDER has now been hovering within the top 5 on the CJAM charts for a month solid. it was at #1 for two weeks in a row there, and now it’s at #2. that’s insane. as always, huge thanks to everyone who plays my noise.

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