three things.

1. the blog has been given another facelift. i think i like this incarnation better than either of the previous two. it’s a lot easier on the eyes than the initial “halloween” colour scheme was, and it’s a lot cleaner than what came after that. it’s simple, but it feels right. funny how i was reluctant to mess with the look of things again, and now i’m wondering why i didn’t switch to this theme earlier. i like the colour scheme (check out how “dressing to undress” changes from white to red when you hover over the header with your mouse), along with the text being a little larger and more spaced-out. everything feels a little less cluttered and more comfortable.

2. GIFT FOR A SPIDER is at #15 on the CJAM charts this week. that’s five weeks in a row in the top 20. i think that must be a new record for me. who knew such a cynical album would get so much airplay?

3. the box of CDs at dr. disc, which is empty at the moment, should be full again by saturday. i think it’s time to start filling it with a number of different albums again, instead exclusively stocking it with the new one. AN ABSENCE OF SWAY will be “out of print” for a bit while i get more booklets/inserts printed.

something else that doesn’t get to call itself a thing —  i sold my 1983 martin D35. would have preferred not to let it go, but it was one guitar i could see myself not missing too much in the short term, and i’d been neglecting it for a while. it was one of those “i’d rather have a bit of money right now so i can send people CDs in the mail” situations.

i did like that guitar. i wrote/recorded some songs with it that might not have been born otherwise, like “insomnia kick”, “everyone you love is dead”, “ain’t no friend”, and “can’t get but been got”. but i think it’s a guitar that won’t be difficult to replace with something comparable somewhere down the road (unlike, say, the 1945 martin 00-17).

still, it’s strange selling gear, when you’re more used to buying it. i don’t think it’s something i’ll be dipping into much in the future. i don’t like letting go of things.

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