Three things.

1. The blog has been given another facelift. I think I like this incarnation better than either of the previous two. It’s a lot easier on the eyes than the initial “Halloween” design was, and it’s a lot cleaner than what came after that. It’s simple, but it feels right. Funny how I was reluctant to mess with the look of things again, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t switch to this theme earlier. I like the colour scheme (check out how Dressing to Undress changes from white to red when you hover over the header with your mouse), along with the text being a little larger and more spaced-out. Everything feels a little less cluttered and more comfortable.

2. GIFT FOR A SPIDER is at #15 on the CJAM charts this week. That’s five weeks in a row inside the top twenty. I think that must be a new record for me. Who knew such a cynical album would get so much airplay?

3. The box of CDs at Dr. Disc, which is empty at the moment, should be full again by Saturday. I think it’s time to start filling it with a number of different albums again, instead exclusively stocking it with the new one. AN ABSENCE OF SWAY will be “out of print” for a bit while I get more booklets and inserts printed.

Something else that doesn’t get to call itself a thing —  I sold my 1983 Martin D35. Would have preferred not to let it go, but it was one guitar I could see myself not missing too much in the short term, and iId been neglecting it for a while. It was one of those “I’d rather have a bit of money right now so I can send people CDs in the mail” situations.

I liked that guitar a lot. I wrote and recorded some songs with it that might not have been born otherwise, like “Insomnia Kick”, “Everyone You Love Is Dead”, “Ain’t No Friend”, and “Can’t Get But Been Got”. But I think it’s a guitar that won’t be difficult to replace with something comparable somewhere down the road — unlike, say, the 1945 Martin 00-17, which is irreplaceable.

Still, it’s strange selling gear when you’re more used to buying it and then keeping it forever. I don’t think it’s something I’ll be dipping into much in the future. I don’t like letting go of things I have good feelings for.

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