i didn’t drop the ball; it just didn’t feel like bouncing.

after mulling it over a little, i think i’m going to skip july’s video progress report. i’ve reached a point now where anything that doesn’t crack the 20-minute mark feels a little slight, and with this one i’m not even sure i’d be able to pad it out to 10 minutes.

july was just a slow month in terms of musical happenings. i’m not going to make a habit of doing this, and it’s not that i’m starting to get lazy…i just can’t justify investing the time into putting it all together when there really isn’t much to say right now.

besides, elliott is in serious need of a new introduction for his segment, with a new jingle, and i’d rather make sure it’s done well instead of rushing it.

i already know this month will be much more eventful, between rehearsing for the shores of erie wine fest gig in september, recording about six million different things, and finally taking a serious stab at bringing that years-in-the-making album called THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE closer to the finish line (i even went to the trouble of putting up an in-progress album page for it over on the sidebar, as additional motivation). so look out for an especially packed progress report at the end of august. apologies for the wait, to the three people who watch these things.

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