Arsenic and old lace.

Once again, I am older but no wiser. I’ll permit myself a moment of vanity and admit I look pretty good for being eighty-two.

Rehearsing last night for the show that’s coming up in September, it struck me that it probably makes the most sense to just play piano and streamline things a bit. I can’t bring a dozen guitars and stringed things with me like I did for the Mackenzie Hall show, and right now there’s only one guitar-based song in the set. Seems to me it would be easier just to play that song on piano instead, and it would make setting up a lot simpler.

The song I played on guitar was “Like a Lover Does”. Without those delay-drenched guitar chords ringing out, it loses the dreamy quality it had, becoming something jazzier and more percussive when played on piano. I’m not sure yet how well it works in this form, but it should become pretty clear once we run through it a few more times.

I will probably not have CDs available at the Shores of Erie Wine Festival show, for two reasons:

1. I kind of need to be careful with the materials I have right now and make sure certain things don’t go “out of print” too quick. If there’s a box of free CDs at a show with a bunch of different acts on the bill, people will probably take them whether they have any interest in the music or not, leaving less copies for the people who genuinely want them, because, well…people tend to like free stuff.

2. Anyone who grabs any of my CDs expecting to hear the same thing they’re getting in a live setting is going to be puzzled, if not disappointed. At this point the live show has very little to do with what any of the songs sound like in recorded form. And I like that. I never saw the point in trying to recreate original album-versions of songs in a live setting. It always seemed boring to me. I think it’s much more interesting when you twist and bend the material in different directions.

The more the three of us play together as a group, the jazzier things seem to get. I keep thinking, “I should throw in some more uptempo material,” and then end up gravitating toward things that are not very uptempo at all. I wouldn’t go so far as to call what we’re doing jazz…I’m no jazz musician. But it’s a whole lot jazzier than I’ve ever been before. I might even need to come up with a band name one of these days.


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