Day: September 3, 2011

You creep around.

For most people who maintain music-related personal blogs and websites that don’t depend on reviewing anything for their content, it probably isn’t unusual to go two weeks or so without an update. For me, given the standards I’ve established for myself here, that constitutes blog neglect.

Here’s the slightly belated video progress report for August to explain, sort of. You also get some talk of the Shores of Erie Wine Fest show (we go on at 1:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, September 11, for anyone who’s interested), some ideas about what the next album may or may not sound like, a cat and a bunch of mice sparring with jazz and classical music, Elliott talking about Idaho in general instead of focusing on the new album like he said he would in the last progress report, and a whole lot of other stuff.

I’m thinking about writing something that gets into more detail about a few old games for various now-obsolete home entertainment systems and what I think of their music. Particularly the first entry in the Ninja Gaiden series for the NES, Strider and Valis III for the Sega Genesis, and a few random games that are kind of stinkers but feature at least one piece of music that grabs me in a strange way (like, say, Time Lord — a nintendo game that makes you wonder what kind of crack the developers were smoking, and what kind of genius David Wise was to come up with such ridiculously creative music).

For what it’s worth, I don’t anticipate the blog neglect being a protracted or recurring thing, and as of this video progress report I should be back on schedule. Rejoice, you three people who still read this stuff. Rejoice.