Day: September 16, 2011

Clouds and lemonade.

I thought the album page for CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN deserved some video content that wasn’t my half-assed piano version of “Peculiar Love”. So here’s another one of those “music videos” where public domain film content is chopped up a bit, thrown on top of a song, and the two seem to work strangely well together. I’ve always felt there was something melancholy about this song, and it’s still one of my favourite instrumental things I’ve done, as simple and stripped-down as it is.

A few days ago Liam suggested to me that I should play the whole album live someday, front-to-back. It’s an interesting idea. I wouldn’t want to perform every song the exact same way it sounds on the album. I think there would need to be a slightly larger ensemble to pull some things off. And it would be a ton of work putting it together, with more than thirty songs to reacquaint myself with. It would also be expensive, since the only place to do it would probably be Mackenzie Hall, and no one would be paying to get in.

Still, it’s something to think about. That album seems destined to remain one the most popular and widely-heard thing I’ve done, and it’s where a lot of the people who comprise the audience I have now first got on board. It might be worthwhile to revisit the whole thing with a fresh perspective at some point, if I ever do decide I feel like playing live again.

To the people I still owe some mail, I apologize for the delay. The money isn’t there at the moment to order more supplies so I can keep certain things “in print”. The box at Dr. Disc is probably going to stay empty for a little while as well, for the same reason.

Some would say this is as good a time as any to start selling the CDs, and I guess at this point I could justify doing it if I really wanted to. But it ain’t gonna happen. No way, no-how. The people who have been waiting for CDs will just have to wait a little while longer, until things are on the upswing again.