Day: October 2, 2011

I’ve been feeding the rhythm.

Again I’m a little bit late with the progress report. I blame beef jerky, because it’s easier that way.

This isn’t one of the more bloated entries in the series, and there’s only one chopped up public domain film instead of the usual three or four, but I think it flows pretty well. The “filming a song while it’s actually being recorded” music video intro has to be the best editing job I’ve done on that side of things up to this point by some distance. And Elliott’s segment is unusually long and reverent. I think he’s just feeling a little funny because he really wants that new theme song and introductory bit.

The Lady Vanishes is pretty interesting early Hitchcock. While it’s not at the level of a masterpiece like Vertigo, there’s some witty dialogue, and the almost complete lack of incidental music throughout is a pretty daring touch for the time.

Some people find the film boring because it takes a good long time establishing the characters before much of anything happens. I like it when a film has the audacity to take its time. It means the person who made it expects something of the audience beyond turning off their brains and masturbating with their popcorn while drooling over special effects.