Day: October 19, 2011

That’s AH some.

Finally, the box at Dr. Disc is full of CDs again. If anyone was wanting some of that stuff, it’s there for the taking.

CDs are also available at a new place — my friend James just opened up his own record store called AH Some Records, and he gave me my own section. That’s right…a Johnny West section! That’s a first for me. Wish I thought to bring a camera with me to snap a picture of it.

There’s a cool vibe to the place, and I like the green theme that ties in with the wicked sign Chris designed. James is at 2343 Pillette, and I think he and Liam are the only people in the city still selling actual vinyl records. So go buy some rekkids, young ‘uns. They’re good for what ails you. And grab some free Johnny West CDs while you’re at it if you need some extra makeshift coasters and mini-frisbees.

Thanks to James for all of the support, and for giving me my own section. I almost feel like a real boy now.