Day: October 21, 2011

Spin me round.

Ba Da Bing just reissued Talk Talk’s seminal Laughing Stock album on vinyl.

That’s seminal as in “singular work of art that many have been influenced by and attempted to emulate in various ways without ever coming anywhere near recapturing the brilliance of the original”, and not “pertaining to or consisting of semen”.

Elliott was maybe more excited about this than anyone else. Upon learning of the unexpected reissue earlier today, he was heard to say something profane before vanishing and returning a little later on with his own vinyl copy. He remained elated until he removed the record from its sleeve.

He then noticed what appeared to be the residual anus leavings of a tiny bird near the groove separating the first and second tracks on the first side of the LP. After a few fruitless attempts to remove it through conventional cleaning methods, he surmised it was a defect in the record itself and not dirt or tiny bird splatter.

He responded by writing a curt message on a green piece of paper and asking me to hoist him up so he could take a picture as a record of his disappointment.

Here’s hoping this was a fluke and the other available copies aren’t similarly marred.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting interview from a while back with Phill Brown, who in addition to engineering the last two Talk Talk albums has worked with Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Harry Nilsson, Traffic, and John Martyn, among others. That’s some kinda resume.