it goes on.

my rough sequence for the first disc of THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE has started to shift, as more songs i thought were shoe-ins have revealed that they need some more time in the oven, while songs i thought were troubled or not worth tackling have surprised me.

the upshot is, after i do a bit of work on two different songs i will have said rough sequence in place. then i can see how it flows and go from there. i considered releasing the album in four separate installments as the discs are finished, but i think that would be more trouble than it’s worth — i would need to take care of packaging and art for four albums instead of one, and it would render the whole thing a little more accessible…which would kind of miss the point.

i think getting this first part of the album in more or less finished form is a little like winning the first set in an important tennis match. once it’s in the bag, the work that remains will seem a good deal less daunting.

we’ll see how it goes.

in the meantime, i just deleted every possible thing i could from my cbc radio 3 page, including all the music, pictures, video content, and any useful information there ever was. i would delete my entire page, but they don’t seem to allow you to do that, and i don’t feel like sending an email to someone trying to explain why i want to erase myself from existence on the website. i guess it’s good enough to know anything that could have been of interest to anyone is gone. right on, brothers and sisters. right on.

on a different note, is it just me, or does almost every single hit song produced by anyone now follow the I-V-vi-IV chord progression? i honestly can’t remember the last time i heard a pop song that did anything else. as for the last time i heard a song with this chord progression that was actually any good, it was probably “with or without you” by U2. in 1987.

i’m not saying all music has to be harmonically complex to the point of insanity (i’ve written my share of three chord songs). but you’d think there would at least be some variation here, and i’m just not hearing it. i find it a little sad that most people probably keep eating this stuff up because instead of “lazy and repetitive” they hear “comforting and familiar”.

really. everyone knows I – V – vi – IV = -14. how about some different arithmetic for a change? just once, i’d like to hear a modern pop song where the math adds up to -35.

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