Random post is random.

Modern “country music” is, much like most modern popular music in general, so thoroughly homogenous, sterile, soulless, insipid, and completely devoid of anything even resembling personality or interesting ideas, it’s easy to forget that once upon a time there were puveyors of this thing called country music who weren’t just lame cliché-peddlers. Here’s a reminder of what used to be, for you and for me.

If I ever see anything half that good on CMT, I will defile my pants in a profound movement of stunned fecal servitude.

Elsewhere, something went wrong with WordPress this morning. The display size of about 80% of the pictures here were altered in such a way that they were almost all too large by more than just a hair. It took me a few hours to go through almost four years of archives and every single album page in order to re-size the images to look the way they did before. I’m hoping it was just a fluke. Leave my pictures alone, blog gods. They never hurt anyone.

Tomorrow, unless my blog traffic suddenly drops off completely, I will crack one hundred thousand hits. I feel a tingling in my loins. My eyes are leaking silver coins. I’ll celebrate down in Des Moines.

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