Late again.

I was going to backdate this to December 31, because all the video footage was recorded before the New Year and the editing was only delayed this much thanks to some corrupted data. But I don’t like cheating. So no backdating for me.

As the eldest member of the Fuzzy Duck Clan says at the end, it’s all a little anticlimactic for a year-ending video progress report. It’s the shortest one there’s been in a year and-a-half. Instead of the extravaganza that ended 2010, it’s more of a “get the last little bit of the year out of my system” hiccup. And I think that’s kind of fitting, given the strange 2011 I had.

Still, it has its moments. Instead of wasting new public domain film discoveries on such a lean progress report, I thought i’d return to Bride of the Gorilla, the very first film I ever chopped up back when I first thought to try doing this sort of thing. I guessed (correctly) that I might have missed some good bits the first time around, since the whole re-contextualizing thing was new to me then.

I think the intro works pretty well in the absence of the insane stuffed animal/puppet sing-along I was planning on filming. And the very end of the video, when I’m singing, “I am unwittingly providing you with the means to escape,” as Raymond Burr runs away — I didn’t plan that at all. I just grabbed a bit of video that seemed like it might work well with music on top of it and threw it over there. Only after the fact did I notice the synchronicity.

That seems to happen a lot.

So, welcome to 2012. I hope you enjoy my crooked glasses.

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