Day: January 15, 2012

WordPress, you sneaky little monkey.

Even with the space upgrades I’ve purchased, the music and video content I put up here on the blog has been adding up. A few months ago I sifted through the archives and got rid of some files that weren’t in use to create a bit of breathing room, but I was only able to do so much. After the most recent video progress report was uploaded, I only had a few hundred megabytes left to work with. That meant it would soon be time to pay for another space upgrade, or else I’d find myself unable to post any more video progress reports here — unless I went to the trouble of hosting them elsewhere. And I don’t really feel like doing that. Using VideoPress and having the videos live here on the blog works just fine for me.

In the first few days of the New Year, I noticed something odd. On the media-related pages where WordPress tells you how much space you’ve used and how much you have left, instead of a few hundred megabytes and something like 2.3% of my server space remaining, it said I had more than 15 GB available. I thought it must be a glitch, or a joke, and didn’t put much stock in it until just now, when I got an email from WordPress telling me they’ve doubled the amount of server space I have as a way to ring in 2012, free of charge.

Thanks for the surprise, WordPress. I never saw that one coming. Now I probably won’t need to buy any more extra space for at least another year or two. Handshakes and half-eaten cookies for everyone!