Day: February 12, 2012

Speakers are speaking in code.

After a bit of a drought, the box of CDs at Dr. Disc is full again. There are copies of the most recent eight albums in there, if there’s anyone left in the city who wants that stuff. I should be refilling the box at Phog in the next day or two, assuming that one’s empty too. I couldn’t say for sure, because I haven’t been there in a while.

After not getting so much as a low-level throat infection for two years, I got one of those colds that clogs up my entire head and makes everything sound like it’s being heard through a thick wall of cotton. So that put a serious damper on the musical momentum I had going. Seems to be on its way out now, after a week of muffled hearing, and I aim to get back in the swing of things with renewed vinegar. The extra-fragrant kind.

I wish like hell I could remember a song that was in one of my dreams last night, but it’s not coming back. I do remember the melody to the one Massari was singing with two female backup singers. When you remember Massari instead of the real keeper song, well…either something isn’t quite right, or your brain has a very strange sense of humour.