Day: April 7, 2012

Chester the Walrus meets his grandfather.

For the second time this year I decided to skip the end-of-the-month video progress report. The reason is the same as before. Some months there just isn’t a whole lot to talk about. All it really means is April’s progress report will be more action-packed, because I’ll have more to say than, “I continue to make progress on THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE, and my nails are so long right now they could slice through a loaf of bread.”

On the subject of that album, now I find myself in the tricky position of trying to figure out which of the new songs I’m writing belong there and which ones I should save for something else. The problem is pretty much anything will fit on ANGLE, given how insanely sprawling it is. I guess it’s more a matter of where I want things to go, and not so much where they need to go (which is something they tend to figure out on their own).

The last time I had this dilemma I ended up recording MY HELLHOUND CROOKED HEART and pushing ANGLE into the background just as i was starting to make some real progress. I can feel the creative energy trying to make something like that happen again…but this time I need to keep that impulse on ice for a while.

I’ve kind of hit the ceiling for how long I can procrastinate with this album before it becomes impossible to finish. The last thing I want to do is undercut all the progress I’ve been making. Though I always seem to be a little behind where I’d like to be, within the next few days I should have the second disc sequenced and mixed. That means I’ll be halfway there.