Month: May 2012

It’s about that time.

It’s been an unusually long time between posts/updates for me. Most of that’s because I knew this was going to be my four hundredth post, and I thought there should be a video progress report or something to mark the occasion.

I don’t have another one of those ready to go yet, though, and I don’t feel like waiting until I do before resuming my business here. So my four hundredth post will just be a regular old post.

A few things worth noting:

I’ve decided the “monthly video progress reports” will now simply be “video progress reports” without any set deadline. I no longer feel I have enough to say at the end of every month to justify making a twenty or thirty-minute-long video, and I think loosening things up a little will give me the freedom to stretch out a little more. The videos aren’t going to stop. They’re just going to be a little less frequent, and probably a little longer and busier when they do pop up. I plan on making a new one before the end of this month to get things rolling again in that department.

It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but the second disc for THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE is officially finished. That means I’ve passed the halfway mark in a very real, tangible way and am closer now to the finish line than the residue left by the starting gun. Figuring out the sequencing for the final two discs should be interesting.

It’s a challenge trying to carve out a five-hour album that works on three different levels — as four separate pieces that can each be listened to on their own, as one gigantic organic whole that can be listened to in one sitting (if anyone is insane enough to give that a try), and as a collection of music with peaks and valleys right where they need to be on a song-by-song basis. So far so good, I think. In the one hundred and sixty minutes and forty-four songs I have sequenced and assembled, there isn’t anything that feels superfluous to me.

It occurs to me that it’s almost been a year now since GIFT FOR A SPIDER was released. A year between albums is an eternity for me. If I hadn’t decided to bite down and finish ANGLE once and for all there probably would have been at least another two or three albums by now. As strange as it is to go so long without something new to share, I’m glad I chose this route. When I’m finally staring at this gigantic thing in finished form come summertime, I think I’m going to shit my pants. And then I’ll tell the tale here for all to enjoy, using colourful language and helpful diagrams.

I’ve been thinking about playing live again at some point. It’s been a very occasional thought, I assure you. I feel like I would need to do something pretty unique in order to justify playing another live show. I think I’ve said just about everything I have to say in that format at the Mackenzie Hall shows, and I don’t want to get to the point where I start repeating myself or recycling old ideas (though playing as rarely as I do kind of kills that possibility by default).

As it happens, I thought of something I’m pretty sure no one has done before in Windsor, and it’s just perverse enough to appeal to me. If I do play live again, I will book Mackenzie Hall, prepare a set of songs I’d really like to tackle (whether it’s solo or with Liam and Dan), and then not go to the trouble of inviting an audience or telling anyone when I’m playing. It will be a performance for myself, with no one there to hear it aside from the people making the music and whoever is doing the sound. I also think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at recording/filming the whole affair at the highest quality possible, just to have a record of it.

More details on that when/if they develop. Or maybe not, since no one will be coming to the show by design. I do think it would be pretty hilarious to make posters and spread them around town promoting a show with no date or time given, so no one is able to make plans to attend. Kind of the ultimate anti-promotional move. But that would be a little mean-spirited. So maybe we’ll leave that idea in the closet.