A new low.

Get a load of this.

A friend of mine who’s a CJAM volunteer was organizing/alphabetizing their music library when he decided to make a list of all the Johnny West albums.

There were thirteen. He thought that seemed a little light, since I started giving CDs to CJAM back in 2003 and I’ve made more than thirteen albums in the past nine years. So he sent me the list of what was there.

Turns out someone stole four of my albums from the CJAM music library. The four missing albums, if you’re interested, are NUDGE YOU ALIVE, CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, IF I HAD A QUARTER, and MY HELLHOUND CROOKED HEART. Everything else from OH YOU THIS to GIFT FOR A SPIDER is present and accounted for.

I find this both funny and sad.

It’s funny because whoever took those albums would probably know that up until recently they were available at Dr. Disc and Phog for whoever wanted to take them, for free. And even after I put an end to the whole public distribution thing, they would probably be aware that a quick email to me would get them whatever albums they wanted delivered to their door with a handwritten letter, again for free.

So if they think they pulled a fast one here, it’s hard not to laugh.

It’s sad because, well…who steals something that’s already FREE, from the music library of a university radio station that depends on listener support to exist? That’s just lame.

Maybe it’s also a strange kind of compliment. Someone wouldn’t steal the stuff unless they had some amount of affection for it or interest in it. Right?

In any case, I’ll replace the missing albums this week. I’m thinking about fitting the jewel cases with a computer chip that releases weaponized skunk spray if anyone steps beyond the threshold of the university parking lot with one of my CJAM-specific CDs in their hands. Maybe that’ll give them pause for thought.

At the very least, they’ll have a story to tell their grandkids.

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