Johnny Too Bad.

Today is John Martyn’s birthday. He’d be sixty-four years old. Here’s the first part of a documentary I’ve been wanting to see for eight years now (thanks, internet!) that may give you some indication of what a fascinating, talented character he was. You can find the rest of it by clicking through to YouTube and following the linkage.

If what you see/hear interests you enough that you decide you want to check out some of the man’s music, I highly recommend the albums Solid Air, Inside Out, One World, and Grace and Danger. If you ever come across a vinyl copy of Live at Leeds pick that up too, if only for the live version of “Outside In”, which is almost twenty minutes of some kind of otherworldly floaty ambient jazz rock goodness (the CD reissue uses a different performance for some inexplicable reason, and it’s good, but it doesn’t have the same magic at all).


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