I’ll keep holding on.

It took me until i was well into my twenties before I was able to appreciate just what a good song this is. I always enjoyed it when I would catch a bit of it on the radio (back when I still listened to the radio), but it was little more than a pop song to me. It wasn’t until I sat down and listened after not hearing it in years that it hit me in the gut. Maybe I had to live a little more before I really “got” it.

I guess I’m always going to have an easier time with 1980s production touches than some people, because I grew up listening to that stuff. But I think this is one of those songs that transcends the time in which it was made. It’s also a great example of how effective simplicity and economy can be in songwriting. There are really just two chords to the entire song, and they never change. It never feels like they need to change.

There’s even something about the music video that I find strangely evocative. It’s one of those things where you can’t explain why something speaks to you. You only know it does.


    1. Ha! That’s too good. Sometimes I wonder how many musicians from the ’80s look back at what they did with their hair in that decade and weep with shame.

      Thanks a lot for the kind words about the Nilsson piece. Part of me thinks I should revise it a little, having finally seen the documentary about Harry…but then, I’ve always felt a bit funny about tweaking things after the fact, aside from getting rid of typos and putting in more paragraph breaks to make it all easier on the eyes.

      Sometimes I think I should try writing about other people/things more often. I’m not sure what holds me back, aside from feeling like I’m not really an expert on anything but myself and the music I make. But who says you need to be an expert to have an opinion?

      Anyway…thanks for the comment.

  1. I look back at my 80’s hair and just laugh my ass off!
    opinions are like …..well you know what (see above)….and every one has one. Nilsson was amazing he needs more people (who can articulate and you can) to write about him. Maybe you can write what you think as another piece or an addendum, after having seen the documentary.

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