Day: October 2, 2012

Broken wind chimes and a set of keys.

Kind of felt like making another one of these DIY music videos. It’s been a while. So here’s one for “Wind Chimes Sing with Her” — one of the few songs I’ve recorded that I didn’t write myself. It’s still one of my favourite things on MEDIUM-FI MUSIC, and I’ve decided it’s one of the best songs about depression anyone’s ever written (take that, Travis). Three chords and the truth. Sometimes that’s all you need.

The public domain film content is a short film from 1966 called Silent Snow, Secret Snow. Based on a short story by Conrad Aiken, it’s supposed to be about “alienation, angst, and schizophrenia”. I chopped out more than ten minutes, rearranged a few bits, and tried throwing about a dozen different songs on top of what was left to see if anything would fit. “Wind Chimes” was a random idea, since nothing else was working. Why is it that the random, seemingly throwaway ideas often produce the most interesting results?

I think it’s a little eerie how well the footage and this song work together. Maybe they were meant to find each other.