Day: October 10, 2012

Do you believe in love at first bullet?

First thing:

This is not a proper video progress report by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no chopped-up public domain film content, no introductory music video, and no Elliott. It’s just a bit of talking and a bit of music. I thought I needed to make at least some kind of stopgap gesture until the real thing comes along again. As the video says, it’ll show up by the year’s end, and when it does, it just might be the most packed progress report there’s ever been. I need to make up for lost time, and tying it in with the album I’m going to try my best to finish by December is an opportunity I just can’t pass up.

Second thing:

Some months back, when I had the inserts printed for the first two discs of THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE, I took the liberty of giving the music a copyright/release date of 2012. I’m only realizing now how I may have shot myself in the foot by doing this. Now I really need to finish the album before this year trickles away, or else I’m going to have to eat the cost of those inserts and print them all over again with a new date. Maybe it’s a blessing incognito and it’ll serve as motivation to really step up the pace. Or maybe I’m screwed.

Third thing:

The song that gets broken down a bit sounds a little like an older cousin to “To Be Frail Is to Begin to Be Free”. That’s mostly down to the drum part. My initial idea was something very different, but sometimes you find yourself playing something that just feels right, and then there’s no going back. I think the guts of the song, along with the cheekbones and chest hair, are different enough that it doesn’t feel like a retread.

Fourth thing:

Yes, my songs have insecurities and psychological issues. They’re just like people. Some love me, some hate me, and some are more or less indifferent.

Last thing:

You don’t get to hear it in the video, but I really like the way the phrase “war of attrition” found its way into the final stanza of the song. I think it makes for a good ending.