making the wrong mistakes.

still haven’t quite got my momentum back blog-wise. i am, however, in the process of capturing the recording of a song on video so i can put it up here. finally. i thought i should make good on the threat at some point before the world ends (since they say that’s going to happen in a little less than two months now). look out for that in a day or three, hopefully, maybe.

in the meantime, here is a random song, just because. this one was an out-take recorded during the LOVE SONGS FOR NIHILISTS sessions. it’s really just a casual improvisation around a few chords. more of a mood than a song. and while i like the mood well enough, it never felt like album material. it’ll probably end up on another out-takes compilation at some point.

still, i pulled it out for a listen a few days ago, for the first time in a long while, and i think i like it more now than i did at the time it was recorded. it doesn’t really go anywhere, but maybe not all songs need to have clear destinations. i like that there’s no set rhythm to the thing, and the drums just shuffle around in the background.

it might not have hurt to play around with layering more sounds to make things more interesting on a sonic level. alas, i think that ship has sailed. i’d feel funny messing with the song this late in the game.

more soon.

making the wrong mistakes

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