It’s a beautiful thing.

a still from the video

This video just about killed me. If you think it’s a gross exaggeration, try watching a music awards show sometime where most of the performances are delivered by pretty-looking air-brushed automatons, and see if you can catch someone who isn’t lip-syncing to a pre-recorded track. When that happens, nine times out of ten it ain’t too pretty.

Sometimes I’m glad all my efforts to establish a relationship with other artists as a producer/recording engineer mostly led to nothing, a handful of experiences (both good and bad) notwithstanding. Because for every genuinely talented individual or group of musicians, there’s someone like the character played by the woman in that comedy sketch, whose real life counterpart is probably a really sweet person, but just…shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a piece of musical equipment. Ever.

There’s a pretty wide gulf between “imperfections that make things interesting” and “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!!!” And maybe that’s a gulf I’m better off not trying to plug up with Stucco and ancient bubblegum. Then again, I don’t have Auto-Tune or anything of the sort, so I wouldn’t be of much use to someone who needed or wanted that stuff anyway.

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  1. that’s a pretty funny clip, and true when it comes to many of these corporate-backed poppy ‘singers’ of crap songs……imagine if Neil Young were starting out today and wound up in front of a panel of posers saying things like, “ya Neil, i didn’t really like your pitch there…..and can you try singing a song from the radio, not one you just made up yourself……i’m not sure you’re what we’re looking for, do you have any moves”? (of course not that someone like Neil would ever feel the need to be validated as an artist in that way)

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