in the shape of a heart.

mic cord heart.

you know what’s fun about writing a rant on your blog and randomly linking to it on facebook, even though you’re kind of indifferent about facebook and probably a few weeks away from deactivating it for another six months? having someone take a shot at you on the book of faces without referring to you by name, thinking you won’t see what they’ve said because you’re not facebook friends, and then advertising their rebuttal to what you wrote on the facebook page of the very institution you’ve criticized, as if they’re some great supporter of the cause and you’re the villain, all while making it clear the real reason they’re bothered is because they’re trying to win the contest you’ve spoken out against, knowing they’ve got no chance, even after encouraging people to kinda-sorta cheat in order to get more votes.

i’m not ashamed to say it caused a little tingling in an inappropriate place. these are the things i live for.

you know what else i live for? looking down at the floor in the “studio” (i’m going to keep putting that in quotation marks for the rest of my life, because “room of stuff” feels like a much better description), and seeing that image up there.

i swear to you i didn’t manipulate it in any way. if i had, the heart would be a little more symmetrical.

there are two blue microphone cables that get shuffled back and forth between the SDC mics pointed at the piano and the stereo ribbon mic i use to record the drums. they get twisted up into all kinds of shapes, but never have i seen them form anything so cool or recognizable. i looked down while making my way from one room to the next, and there was a blue heart staring back at me — a blue heart that had somehow created itself when i wasn’t paying attention. it makes me just a little sad to know that in a day or two this heart will be pulled apart when the cables are moved around yet again.

being pulled apart is better than being broken, right?

and hey — this blog just turned five years old. here’s a song in celebration.


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