Kelly Hoppe is the man.

kelly hoppe is the man

I play the harmonica like Bob Dylan crossed with Bruce Springsteen, minus the skill. Kelly’s a different story. He plays the harmonica like a beast. I met him in a dream, in a grocery store. Then I met him here, yesterday, outside of sleep.

It’s refreshing to spend time with people who have talent sewn into their eyelashes but are completely laid-back and grounded. And to have them add some of their magic to some music you’ve written…that’s like some sort of gift from the music gods.

Maybe involving other people in this album was a good idea after all.

I’d never recorded a saxophone before, and the only experience I had recording harmonica was my own occasional playing. So I set up the Pearlman TM-1 in the middle of the room, stuck it in omni mode, moved it up and down a bit depending on what was being captured, and was reminded all over again how versatile that microphone is and how well it responds to high quality instruments played by insanely skilled musicians.

The image up there is a video still, because there’s video being recorded of some of these recording sessions, and at some stage I’ll edit it all into something pitched halfway between a progress report video (I used to make those things once upon a time, I think) and a very rough-around-the-edges DIY documentary capturing the process of making this thing.

A video with other people in it, aside from me and Elliott and assorted stuffed animals? I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. This could turn the world as we know it inside-out.

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