Little Big Muff.

elliott gets intimate with fuzz

I’ve never been all that into guitar pedals. I bought a distortion pedal thirteen or so years ago, never used it more than twice (only once on a recorded song), and I sold it along with a tremolo pedal a few months back after getting it back from a “friend” who tried to steal it from me under the guise of borrowing it, leaving only the Vox Wah pedal I’ve had for about half as long as I’ve been alive now.

But to go your whole life without ever owning a fuzz pedal…that isn’t right. And there are certain shoegazey sounds I’d like to have at my fingertips that are a lot easier to access when you’ve got some fuzz around. So I rectified that situation. As you can see, Elliott approves — maybe a little too enthusiastically.

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