I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of us, I almost believe I’m veal.

Joey Acott came over to take some pictures while music was being made. Here are a few of those pictures. Here is the story they tell.

steve plays while i walk away

We begin with me sleepwalking and Steven valiantly trying to get something going.

i think i'll put these headphones on

After snapping out of it, I think about putting on a pair of headphones. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re recording, isn’t it?

steve is smiling

Steven thinks it’s a good idea.

mic placement

“I must record the sound of your heart! For science!”

on the porch closer in

All that moving microphones around and making sounds gets us feeling the urge to perform for an invisible audience, so we break for an impromptu porch concert. There are sixteen encores.

dave is deep in thought

Dave comes by. “The colour of your shirt has changed from what it was before I arrived,” he says. “You have given me much to ponder.”

me mixing, dave thinking

“Yes,” I say. “The fabric that cloaks my nipples and torso hair has become blue with the dimming of the day. But fret not. You sing now.”

dave singing, me mixing

And so he sings, and it is righteous, and a can of beer sits atop a stool and swoons as only a can of beer can.

playing piano while dave watches

We pause so I can play “I’m so Excited” on the piano. Dave approves.

jim is listening

Jim arrives to lend his voice to some group vocals and says, “This is how you wear a pair of headphones, my friends.”

steve laughs, dave ponders

“You wear those headphones like a true lord of sound,” says Steve. Dave can only avert his eyes, such is the power of the moment.

jim wonders if you're talking to him

“I don’t know…there’s nothing in this song about the secret lives of tap-dancing sardines. I have to say I feel a little let down. But I’ll do it. For science.”

dave likes the voice transformer

“Places, everyone! You heard the man. FOR SCIENCE!”

jim and dave group vocals

“This song…this song…
Some crazy person wrote this song.
They say he is reclusive,
but how is that conducive
to what we’re doing now?
Oh, grilled cheese for malcontents,
how you gooify the night.”

slouching over the mixer

“I can’t believe I just got some friends to sing a made-up word like ‘gooify’. This is the greatest moment of my life. Just a little more bugle in the mix, and we’ll be golden.”


Dave raises his fists in victory, and our hearts soar as one.

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