Another year in the rear-view mirror.

see ya later mashed patater

This was supposed to be the year I got back on track and released a bunch of albums to make up for lost time.

The getting-back-on-track part happened in a big way. 2014’s madness bled into 2015, and the year was packed with a lot of music being made with a lot of great people. The releasing-a-bunch-of-albums part…didn’t work out quite as well. If you don’t count the Tire Swing Co. EP TIME AWAY (which was released on Christmas Day in 2014 but didn’t get a physical release until early 2015), only one album managed to sneak its way across the finish line right before 2015 breathed its last.

There were some good reasons for that, though. The solo album with many guests (aka YEAR OF THE SLEEPWALK) kept evolving, with more musicians and singers becoming a part of it, and then it grew an unexpected extra wrinkle that…well, you’ll just have to wait and see. The O-L West album also grew beyond what we thought it was going to be. and with more collaborative things popping up all the time, and some more unexpected work recording other people, it all got a little chaotic (in a good way).

I guess one way to look at it is this: it’ll be a lot easier to get all of these things finished in the New Year, since a lot of the legwork is done now. I might be late to the party, but I always show up eventually, drugs in hand. Okay, almost always. And usually with drugs. Sometimes it’s a feral turtle instead. Who’s keeping track?

I’m not going to say my old nemesis THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE finally gets conquered in the next twelve months. That’s probably a fridge too far. But a lot of other things should see the light of day.

So here’s to bombarding a small handful of people with lots of new music in 2016.

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