unmotivated cat

I think this has been my main problem for a good couple years now. Motivation. You know, the thing that sort of rhymes with “procreation”. Sure, there are things that will rob you of it. But sometimes it just isn’t there, and there’s no thief of a thing to blame.

Where does the stuff hide? Is it hanging out with you? Did my Uncle Kanye steal it?

Once upon a time I used this place to try and force myself to manufacture some of that motivation, and as a way of holding myself accountable, if only to myself. It kind of worked. Might as well give that another try, now that the blog is alive again with regular posts.

One thing I should be making a priority is the O-L West album. It’s been “getting close to being done” for a while now. There are six songs that don’t even need any work beyond mixing. There’s no excuse for not mixing those things. And there are several others only in need of an overdub or two before they’re mix-ready too.

I make a solemn vow to semi-finish/make a rough mix for at least one song that needs finishing/mixing every other day. I don’t know why the vow is solemn. I stopped trying to figure out the ways of vows a long time ago. But it’s a vow. And it’s solemn. So there you go.

As a gesture of good faith, here’s a song I once played for someone in bed on an acoustic guitar, half-naked. You think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding. I did it, and I’d do it again.

Some People


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