Forgotten porch jam.

A couple weeks ago, Gord and I made a Dropbox folder so we could share ideas and rough recordings. This morning I saw a video show up in there. This is that video.

He filmed this on his phone. I think it was last summer. One of the songs slated for inclusion on the next Papa Ghostface album is a monumental reworking/re-imagining of an ancient tune from SONGS FOR DEAD SKIN. Back then it was called “I Got My Hair Cut and I Thought About You”. I’m not sure what it’s called now. I still need to write some words (it didn’t have any the first time around), and we probably need to chart it out on paper, because the thing moves through so many disparate sections now it gets tough to keep track of where we are and where we’re going.

This is from back when we only had a few bits of music and we were still working out how we were going to put them together. There are a few dirty words in there, but I think it’s fun — especially the very end, when we think his phone has stopped recording but it hasn’t. The things you get up to when you think the phone isn’t watching…

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