Staff paper.

Sometimes I write string parts for songs that aren’t my own, that are being recorded somewhere other than here, by someone other than me. Or maybe I just did it this one time.

TO LIVING string arrangement

The top line for the second cello section is missing (printer snafu, I think), so I used the second line as the top, since it turned into that by default in the top line’s absence. Not that it really matters, because that part was rewritten as something a violinist could play instead.


I’m sure some of the note values are wrong. Probably should have written eighth notes or sixteenth notes at the end there. Keeping track of that stuff and knowing how to represent it on paper is beyond me. But the notes themselves are right. There’s a recording with a synthesized placeholder version of the string part so the player can hear what’s meant to happen.

That I’ve even reached a point where I can scratch something like this out in a way that might make some amount of sense to someone who can sight read is a little hilarious.

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