Stir it up.

STEW is about to go out of print. I think there are about three copies left. I guess it’s time to make a couple more. You always want to have a few spares kicking around, just in case Michelle Williams shows up and tells you she wants to listen to something off the beaten path while preparing for her next film role.

Been slacking a little on the solemn vow I made. But I’m trying to turn that on its ear, so it can say, “Hey! Get me off of my ear!” and I can deny it satisfaction. Just mixed an O-L West song a few days back that has four different lead singers taking turns telling the same story. That was an interesting challenge, trying to make sure everyone got a similar-sized piece of the spotlight.

Brent Lee wrote a nice little post about recording over here a few weeks back, and I just discovered it now. I need to finish/mix those tunes so he can hear the great things he added to them. Check out his Homstal project on his website if you have a bit of time to spare. It’s fascinating work.

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