One way to start the week.

dean and ron alt

Ron Leary and Dean Drouillard came over yesterday to record a piano part for one of the songs on Ron’s forthcoming album Tobacco Fields. The last time I played on someone else’s tune without recording the album myself was seven years ago.

Man. It’s been a while.

This is one of the few pretending-to-be-a-session-musician-for-a-minute things where I know I won’t end up kind of regretting I got involved. Because it’s Ron. With him, you know you’re not going to get stiffed when it comes to getting credit for the work you did, you know whatever song you’re playing on is going to be really good, and you know whoever’s handling the recording (Andy Magoffin in this case) is going to know what they’re doing and how to mix your parts.

Instead of making the trek to Cambridge like I thought I would, Ron and Dean came here and I got to play my own piano. We used the Neumann KM184s I always use, where I already had them positioned, into the great river MP-2NV I’ve always got those mics plugged into, into whatever interface Dean was using to capture the tracks in a form Andy will be able to work with when they’re back in his hands. Easy as cupcakes.

So that was fun. I kept my playing pretty sparse for the most part, since the song I was playing on already has Kelly Hoppe and Rich Burnett and Dean in there doing tasteful lead-ish things. There was a lot of floating around the piano’s higher register. For the last few takes I played some things that were a little meatier. Hopefully between the floating and the meat there’s enough good stuff there to work with.

Managed to get some video footage, too, so I can incorporate a bit of it into my eventual GIANT VIDEO OF STUFF to make up for failing at keeping the video progress reports going. Someday I’ll be semi-regular with those things again, I think, once I get this big one out of my system.

And hey, Natalie’s album is up on ye olde Bandcamp now in its entirety. It debuted at #1 on the CJAM charts.

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