Proof is sample. Sample is proof.

I got a proof. Or a sample. Or a prample. Or a sproof. Please ignore the crooked staple (which I put there to keep said sample together) and what the camera’s flash did to the picture of the umbrella (making it look washed-out when it actually looks really nice). I’m really happy with the way this font ended up coming out on the page. I was afraid it might bleed a little, but it looks like it came right out of a real manual typewriter, with none of the “nice try but you’re just a pretender” feeling you get from some typewriter-based fonts.



If I didn’t make any bone-headed typos anywhere, I’ll give ’em the go-ahead to start making the booklets and inserts tomorrow. A release date next week is looking right on target now. Progress! Palpable progress! It’s a beautiful thing.

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