Getting back into character.

Not much is getting accomplished right now, thanks to city workers ripping up our street for no good reason (supposedly it’s a water mains thing, but there was nothing wrong with the pipes we had before).

Actually, the street-being-ripped-up part has already finished. Now they appear to be driving their equipment around every once in a while to make it sound like they’re working, without doing much of anything at all, seemingly unsure if they want to repave the road to repair the massive damage they’ve caused or just leave it alone.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

I don’t mind taking a bit of a break to recharge the batteries with the paint still barely dry on AFTERTHOUGHTS. But if it turns into too long of a break, I’m going to start getting antsy. Because there’s a lot that needs working on.

In the meantime I can at least get started on the whole “remastering a few albums that got pushed too hard the first time around” thing. So I’m doing that.

One neat little thing that happened today in the course of working on some of this stuff was hearing “Getting out of Character” at the actual speed it was recorded at, for the first time in seven years. That one has always been one of my favourite tracks on IF I HAD A QUARTER, odd as it is.

What happened at the time was, I was starting to experiment with changing the recording speed to create harmonies with the bugle — faking my own horn section in a somewhat more melodic way than the dissonant drunk elephant sounds that punctuated some of the songs on AN ABSENCE OF SWAY — and when I had things slowed down quite a bit, the song seemed to become a whole lot more interesting. So I left it slowed down, and never bothered listening to it at the “normal” speed again, until today.

You can listen too, if you like.

Getting out of Character (original speed)

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