Day: October 24, 2016



Here are a few STEW demos, just for fun. Not sure why I didn’t think to post these sooner. I’m always interested in hearing the changes a song goes through before arriving at its final form. MAYBE YOU’RE JUST LIKE ME.

Situations started out as Gord’s baby. After the album was finished he dug up this cool demo from some years back and sent it my way so I could hear the song in its infant state.

Situations (Gord’s demo)

We rewrote the first half of the lyrics together on my porch in the middle of the album sessions, I filled in the rest later on, and then I recorded my own demo.

Situations (my demo)

Before The Same Starless Sky, and before even the Surdaster song “Angelina” that would give our ballad its musical skeleton, there was this little instrumental Gord demoed.

Goodnight My Love

Here’s a bit of me working out In the Name of the Impostor before I really had any words.

In the Name of the Impostor (sketch)

The night we came up with the music that became Winter Porch, I set up a few microphones and we made a quick recording to preserve the idea with me on acoustic guitar and Gord on tenor banjo.

Winter Porch (rough jam)

And The Devil Wants His Car Back was taken at a faster tempo to begin with, back when I thought it was going to end up on a solo album.

The Devil Wants His Car Back (fragment)

Though there are rough recordings of the two of us jamming on less developed versions of a few other tunes, I can’t seem to scrounge them up right now. Drat.