Day: November 15, 2016

Fair play.


It’s the end of an era. Sort of. A little bit.

From 2004 to date, every non-compilation album I’ve ever been involved in — from solo albums, to collaborative albums, to things that were recorded/produced for others, even to albums I played on as a sideman without handling any aspect of the recording — has charted on CJAM at some point, without fail…until now.

The O-L West album hasn’t dented the charts at all. From what I’ve read, a new album stays in a radio station’s on-air library for a maximum of eight weeks. It’s been at least five since I dropped off copies of this one at the station. I think the safe money is on it not making any violent ripples in the pond at this late stage.

It was a good run while it lasted. I’m astonished I got the kind of airplay I did for as long as I did. Twelve years of consistent charting is pretty crazy any way you slice it. A lot of people at CJAM gave my music an incredible amount of support over the years. Many of those people aren’t in Windsor or at the station anymore, but I’ll always remember our late-night trysts.

And by “late-night trysts” I mean “bizarre dreams in which they appeared that I will never tell them about for fear of causing them to fall in confused half-love with me”.

Maybe this is some long overdue karmic makeup for THE BITTER SIDE OF SWEET — one of my least interesting albums of all time, fantastic cover art from Maya notwithstanding — inexplicably hitting #1 on the CJAM charts a decade ago. But it’s probably just that my time has passed.

Whatever the case, thanks to everyone who gave anything I did or had something to do with some airplay at some point. It was always appreciated.