Zara doing Zara things (continued).

Here’s that video action I mentioned a little while back.

Zara says, “Watch me awkwardly sway to my music as I make one of the happiest instruments possible sad.” (Really. That’s what she said.)

Johnny says, “Lots of clichés have been peddled over the years about vocal power, but Zara’s voice is so powerful it makes microphones shake — literally!”

The Tasmanian Devil says, “I like my new perch. I get to see and hear stuff.”

Something I discovered in the course of editing this video: it’s easier to edit something when you have a lot of different elements to stitch together. More time-consuming, sure. But easier. When you’re only cutting back and forth between two different things, it becomes a little trickier to create movement without disjointedness. Camera movement would probably help there, but I can’t move the camera around and concentrate on recording at the same time, unless I grow another set of eyes and hands.

You never know. It could happen.

My way of working around that was not making too many quick cuts, and deviating a little from the “show the person singing when they’re singing and show something else when they’re not singing” approach every once in a while, to keep it interesting.

Didn’t feel right adding any additional instruments to this one, because it’s a really personal song, and also because I wanted the video to be a showcase for Zara. It would be a little less of a showcase if every once in a while you got “random bearded person who isn’t Zara doing things” sneaking into the frame.

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