Day: December 11, 2016

Kind words.


Ron Leary just did an interview over at the AVB podcast. Not only is there some great insight into his craft and music-related philosophies, but there’s an unexpected shout-out to me and Steve around the 31:50 mark, with some incredibly kind words about AFTERTHOUGHTS. Thanks for that, Ron. It means a lot.

(Side note: if you don’t have a copy of Ron’s new album yet, you should grab one and support that magnificent fella.)

I think those construction flapjacks might finally be gone. Maybe. Before the weekend, they were taking their pylons away. I hear in some cultures the taking-away of pylons indicates the end of a job that’s been drawn out a month or more past the time-frame in which it would have been completed by competent people with some semblance of a work ethic.

Plus there’s snow on the ground now. A lot of it, all of the sudden.

If they really are finished torturing me with the noise made by their pretending-to-work-while-doing-mostly-nothing shtick, blog things might be heating up in the casual walk to the end of the year. I’ve got so many things I’ve been wanting to work on over here, my eyebrows are about ready to take flight.