Ain’t got time to work out a place to be.


This whole remastering thing is a slow slog. But man, is it ever worth the tediousness.

If you’ve heard THE CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN WITH A TRIANGLE, you probably know this song. It’s one of several that’s got quite a bit of clipping going on.

Weak Bladder Blues (original 2008 master)

Here’s what it sounds like now, and what it always should have sounded like.

Weak Bladder Blues (2017 remaster)

To say the song is easier on the ears in this quieter form goes beyond being an understatement, and flirts with Chuck Norris levels of truthiness. I can’t believe I ever found a way to justify letting all that clipping happen just for a little extra loudness. Nothing like that will ever happen again on my watch.

For anyone who might be mastering their own music at home and wrestling with the question of whether or not they should over-compress it or introduce unnatural digital distortion in exchange for some additional volume, I offer the above as an audio add-on to my strongest recommendation that you stay away from that slippery slope altogether. Concentrate on getting things to sound as good and dynamic as you can, without any consideration given to loudness at all. If anyone is miffed that they have to turn your music up a little louder than some of the other albums in their collection or they don’t want to listen to your stuff if it means they have to spend two seconds making a slight volume adjustment, well…you don’t really want people who are that goofy listening to your music anyway, do you?

As for the picture there, that’s a colourized panel from Robert Crumb’s Patton — a retelling of the life of delta blues legend Charley Patton. A few historical inaccuracies aside, it must be one of the best comic strips Crumb’s ever created. It’s difficult to find in printed form for anything like a reasonable price, but you can read it online over here.

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