The heart and the brain.


On this, the ninth Valentine’s Day the blog has seen, I think a love song is in order. And no, it’s not the one some unknown person was screaming somewhere nearby a little before dawn that went, “I HATE YOU, WHORE” — you had to be here to appreciate that little ditty.

This song was written for GIFT FOR A SPIDER but went unrecorded for a year or two. It just might be the most tender thing I’ve ever written, with one gooey, heartwarming line after another.

I’m content to have no inspiration to write songs like this anymore, but I can’t say I don’t get a kick out of the venom, immature as it may be. Who says awful, soul-destroying, toxic relationships that last all of four weeks aren’t good for something?

One Day All Your Weapons Will Be Useless

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