A little while back I was talking with Johnny Smith about how much our culinary horizons have broadened in recent years. Not to blow our own brass instruments too much, but at this point I think we make quite a few meals at home that rival some of the better dishes we’ve eaten in restaurants.

I thought it would be fun to document some of our creations. So I started doing that, taking the occasional picture with the trusty little Pentax point-and-shoot camera I’ve had since this blog’s infancy.

The image at the top of this post is Johnny Smith’s famous chili. For my money, the only chili in the universe that rivals it is the vegetarian chili they serve at With the Grain in Guelph. That stuff is otherworldly. All others pale in comparison.

Here’s some shrimp linguine. We take the tails off our shrimp. You hear that, lazy restaurant chefs?!

This is one of the roughly five thousand salads I’ve made between the hours of two and five in the morning. I put a picture of one such salad up on Facebook a few years ago. To this day it’s the most likes and comments anything I’ve posted has ever generated. Share some music you’ve been working on for a long time and are proud of? Twelve people like it. Share a picture of a salad? It gets a hundred likes.

Good old Facebook — ridiculous to the last drop.

Here’s some jambalaya. The picture doesn’t begin to capture how good it tastes. One of the keys to its power is the honey garlic sausage. You gotta go all-out when you’re making jambalaya.

French toast with strawberries. Because why not?

Chicken Greek salad. Do you think we put enough black olives in there?

Improvisation on a nicoise salad. Take it from me: those fresh artichokes are sex.

Salmon salad. I think maybe we like our monstrous salads…

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. I snapped a picture of tonight’s dinner with the brand new camera, just for something to do. Didn’t dig into any of the manual settings. I was hungry and impatient. I just pointed it at the food, got it in focus, and pulled the trigger.

So here’s steak stir-fry.

The difference in clarity between this and the Pentax pictures is blowing my mind a little. I think I like this camera.

So yeah. I guess this is a food blog now, at least until I post something music-related again in a few days.

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