Day: April 8, 2017

Remastering update #2.

Hark! I hath passed the halfway mark!

98 songs down. 90 still to go.

More surprises and mostly-forgotten little audio relics:

  • An unused kick drum part to bolster the stomping and tambourine-shaking on “Everything He Asked You”
  • Drums recorded for “Creepy Crawly Things” but left out of the final mix
  • The rain at the beginning of “Wait All Morning” fades out just before I get into an argument with the sky, asking for (and not receiving) thunder
  • As with “Raccoon Eyes”, “Everything Matters, Everyone Cares” started out as some improv behind the drums recorded with the idea of building some music around it after the fact; unlike what happened with “Raccoon Eyes”, I ended up casting out the initial drum part once it became clear it didn’t play well with the music it inspired
  • Some out-of-tune piano over the bridge section on “What I Would Do for You” that was junked at the mixing stage
  • The tenor banjo at the end of “I Love You” goes on quite a bit longer than the CD mix would have you believe (and longer than I remembered), growing even more crazed and dissonant
  • An unused bass harmonics overdub in the middle of “95 Streets (Is Where I Will Find the Heart of You)”
  • An alternate lead vocal for “Fat Mouth” that does some pretty serious attempted Springsteen-channeling circa Darkness on the Edge of Town
  • Some acoustic guitar accents recorded for “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondue” right where the drums kick in, but abandoned after about thirty seconds and not present in the final mix
  • Several foul-mouthed arguments with an interrupting phone and/or fax machine
  • More forgotten riffs and licks sandwiched between proper songs

I’m still not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m beginning to think I might actually finish this pet project someday.