Good news, at least for me — things are more or less back to normal at Canada Post. I was able to send out a bunch of CDs today. They should show up right around Christmas. Spending $50 through UPS or Purolator to send an album to a single person in Ontario wasn’t going to cut it. I’ve still got a few more packages to put together, and then I should have everyone who’s on the most recent version of the “mailing list” taken care of.

WHAT WE LOST IN THE FLOOD is at #2 on the CJAM charts this week, sandwiched between Parquet Courts and local band Huttch.

Sometimes I think if I sent CDs to a handful of other campus radio stations in Canada, and I got a decent amount of airplay outside of Windsor, I’d stand a chance at placing pretty high on the national charts. The airplay from CJAM alone has been enough to get a few albums up around the #100 mark over the years, so it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to assume a bit of airplay from other stations would lead to a better showing there. The idea of some hip indie band looking at the charts and seeing they’ve been bested by an obscure artist no one has ever heard of…that’s some funny business.

Then I think about how much work would be involved in scoping out all those other radio stations, getting a feel for their programming, and finding the DJs most likely to be receptive to what I do (because the whole “send an album and a one-sheet to the station manager” approach is too impersonal for my taste, and the concept of a one-sheet has always been depressing to me).

Yeah. I think I’ll leave things the way they are, notwithstanding a package that’s going out to a nice fella in Michigan who requested some music to play on his radio show. It’s time-consuming enough just putting together half a dozen packages to send to friends. At least when I do that I know I’m going to get something back — a message of thanks, or sometimes an actual conversation. Besides, I’ve always kind of liked the idea of CJAM being the only station on the planet that knows I exist.

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